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Uploading images to classifieds section

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Uploading images to classifieds section

Postby diablo » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:38 pm

Here are the instructions on how to upload images to your classified advert

1. Start Microsoft Internet Explorer (other browsers such as chrome or Mozilla firefox may not work)
2. Create a new or edit old advert
3. Complete or change details as required
4. At bottom of add, you should see the "Upload Images" button, click on it
5. Select "Upload Images" (should open up a new window of a folder on your computer)
6. In window, navigate to appropriate folder where image is located and select image that you want to upload
7. Click "open" to upload image on your window
8. Forum should go off and upload image and display a small version of it
9. Repeat for further images
10. Identify image you would like to use as thumbnail and click on "T" (top right of image)
11. Accept "terms and conditions" by clicking box on advert
12. Submit advert (preview option is available)

Your images should then appear on your advert

Remember, you must use "Microsoft Internet Explorer" !
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