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Jabiru 3300 (Gen 2) fuel flow meter INOP

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Jabiru 3300 (Gen 2) fuel flow meter INOP

Postby davidtg » Sat Oct 26, 2019 7:48 pm

Hi, all --

We have been loving our new-to-us Jabiru J250-SP Light Sport Aircraft (USA) and staying so busy instructing that we haven't even had a chance to post in the Introduce Yourself forum! But now we have a sudden hiccup...

On the way home from her first Annual Condition Inspection with us, which involved among other things changing a motor mount and loosening & restrapping lots of cabling, the EFIS threw a GPS error. We were close enough to home that I just continued, and sure enough at the next startup the GPS connection was OK. My EIS, however, asked me to reconfirm all values, and about a thousand pushes :-) later it came up normally.

During the next flight I noticed that the fuel flow reading showed 0.0 all of the time, however. I've checked the wiring on the forward side and all looks good, which I figure leaves me with a broken flow meter or a problem in the avionics. I've learned that the EIS can sometimes ground out and reset (was that what that was?) and that that can also cause the EFIS to stop reading and/or the meter to stop sending, but didn't get to hear any solutions.

1) I don't see a requirement for fuel flow in the POH (and, heck, I still don't know how to tell it how much fuel I have to start!), so can I just flag this as INOP and keep going while we figure it out rather than be grounded?

2) Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot & test a flow meter to start isolating the problem?

Thanks :-)
David & Laura T-G
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Re: Jabiru 3300 (Gen 2) fuel flow meter INOP

Postby diablo » Sat Oct 26, 2019 8:55 pm

Hi david,

Certainly sounds like a short somewhere. Can you provide further info on e Avionics engine monitoring system and (eis model, Efis model, fuel flow sender type) ...

Do you have a wiring diagram for your aircraft ?

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