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Postby Steevo » Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:03 pm

I just thought I would drop a quick post on the board regarding spammers and spamming. Hopefully, the spammers will read it before trying to spam and save themselves some wasted effort.

We are getting a fair amount of spam accounts/posts which due to the procedures in place, never make it on to the board. They mostly come from places like Russia, Ukraine etc.

If you are intending to spam the board then please read this first as it may save you some time.

New Accounts

All newly created accounts have to go through a specific process before being visible on the members list. Once an account is created and you have authenticated your account through the email validation process, you will not not show up on the memebrs list until you have made at least 1 post that is approved. There is absolutely no point in creating an account and then changing your profile to contain links to some inapprorpriate website as no one will ever see it. The Admins examine every new account and if it is fake, it is deactivated within a few minutes of being created and is never seen by any other member. It takes me about 2 seconds to deactivate an account so no workload on my end. In-fact, it will take you longer to create the account and change your profile than it does for me to deactivate it so you are just simply wasting your time. Once I have deactivated the account, the username can never be used again and is permanantly banned.

First Post

The first post of every new member has to be 'approved' by an admin. If it is not approved then it will not show up on the forum and if you are a new member, your username and profile will not show up in the members list until you have had a post approved. Again, on the first spam post, the username and profile is instantly banned. In-fact, we have software installed that does this automatically for the majority of spam posts as it has in-built algorithms and links to an anti-spam directory that will apply the ban without our intervention if it is a known spam post. It doesn't matter how many posts you make, none of them will show until the first one is approved. Again, this takes me 2 seconds to disapprove so will take you longer to write your post than it will for me to disapprove it and it will not make it on to the board so once again, you are wasting your time.

Spam Posts

Any SPAM posts even from a valid member will result in an instant and irresversible ban with no questions asked. This does not mean you cannot point to other websites to explain something or make your point, but if it is a blatant attempt to advertise something inappropriate then a ban will be forthcoming.

Anonymous Members

Where we allow posts to be made anonymously (such as reporting a registration issue), that post has to be approved before being shown. Even posting anonymously, you still have to supply an unauthenticated username and once we disapprove the post, the username used is also banned for life. Again, our anti-spam software has a directory of commonly used usernames across internet forums and if used on this board, the account/post is put in to suspension and the username is flagged (admins are notified). When we disapprove this post, the username is reported to the directory maintainers and if other forums have reported that username, it is instantly put on a banned list and that username cannot be used on any internet forum that participates in this.

False Positives

In rare circumstances, we do get valid usernames that get flagged. This could be that someone has used that usernames on other forums for the purpose of spamming so it get's flagged up. As said above, every new account is checked by an admin so we can very quickly see that it is actually a valid post and we have the ability to unflag the account.

Hopefully, this gives an insight of the anti-spam protection in place and also our policy on spamming.
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Re: Spamming

Postby diablo » Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:58 pm

spammers are a weird bunch.

loosing valuable time to create accounts and send emails that are never seen. If they only they would use that time to do something constructive, the world would be a better place ...

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